Listen to some of the records we’ve mastered:

Graham Dee – Just After Midnight Album

Ruby Turner – All That I Am Album

Mr Z – Mine Mine Mine Single

Paul Potts – Home Album

Gary Arbuthnot – Asturias Album

Harlequins Enigma – Various Albums

JBF – Various – Singles


Dalvinder Singh – Ishq – Single

Other songs we’ve mastered:


Abbas Lalji – A Message
HKS – Rataan
HKS – Maula
Awesta – Khawaab
TJ Rehmi – I Pray for Palestine
Jayden – Galliyan
Jayden – Sun Raha Na Tu
Ground Reporter – Red Pill
Kamil – Khabi Jo
Nasa – Tera Mera Sath
Common Souls – Dreams
Common Souls – Stand By Me
Common Souls – Possessions
Nikki – About My Love
Awesta – Raaze Dil
Common Souls – Never Say Never
Kamil – Mein Rang Sharbaton / Tum Jo Aaye
Kash Azaad – Zindagi
Common Souls – Eid Today
Awesta – Tamana
J & K – Batameezi
Bobby Singh – Goll Moll
Suliman Khan – Yaw Afghan
Nasa – Dil Mein
Suliman Khan – Believe
Suliman Khan – Mimiram Ahker
Suliman Khan – Why This Kolaveri
Shafiq Khan – Ashiq

Not sure if your track needs mastering? Send your mix via WeTransfer to and we’ll send you a free no obligation sample, usually within 48 hours. Please read our guide below before sending  us your audio material. Only one sample master per person. Other terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for details.


What you need to know before sending us your audio material:

  • Zip your audio material and send it via WeTransfer to
  • You can send us a CD if you prefer.
  • WAV (WAVE) or AIF (AIFF) files are best, either interleaved or Split.
  • Sample rate should be the same as your session. 44.1khz, 48khz, 96khz, whatever you recorded it at. Don’t up-sample.
  • The Bit depth should be 24bit. We’ll add dither and convert to 16 bit at the final stage.
  • Leave a couple of seconds at the start and end of your track. We’ll tidy it up later.
  • Leave master bus compression on your mix as it’s part of your sound but remove any limiters on the master bus.
  • Make sure all your stems have the same start point, sample rate and bit depth.
  • Do not normalise your files.
  • Check your mix/stems all the way through to make sure there are no errors.
  • If you want ISRC codes added for CD replication make sure you have these ready to send to us. You can find out all about ISRC codes here: What is an ISRC code?
  • Make sure you have other information ready for us such as artist name, album name, album track running order, featured artist names, alternative track names etc and your contact information – mobile number and email address.
  • Send us links to reference material so we know how you want your track to sound.
  • Need help? Feel free to get in touch. We’ll be happy to discuss the process with you.